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Alert Patrol Career Institute

In order to become a Security Officer you must complete 40 hour of professional Training. The required training may be obtained through our agency by attending a 24 hour course and a 16 hour course. After successful completion of the first 24 hours of training and submitting your application to Division of Licensing you will receive a temporary blue print which gives you the opportunity to begin searching for employment. You are then required to successfully complete the additional 16 hours of training within 180 days of the date your application in order to ultimately receive your “D” License.

We are proud to announce that one of the incentives our Agency provides is first priority Consideration for employment by our partner Security Company. Students are encouraged to apply for employment yet the Agency does not guarantee employment.

24hrs D-license Course(Unarmed)

The State of Florida requires any individual who wishes to do unarmed security work for an agency to be licensed. Before you can be state licensed you must be state certified. Which means, you’ll need to be a minimum of 18 years of age, citizen or legal alien, no felony convictions and have no present or history of a drug addiction or abuse, alcoholism or abuse, or mental illness. At that juncture, you’d qualify to attend the 24-Hour Class-“D” Unarmed Security Officer Training Course.

In addition to the 24-hour Unarmed Certification course, the state requires you to submit a completed application for licensure notarized, fingerprints, photograph and certificate of completion for your training. WE WILL PROVIDE THIS SERVICE AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Students must score a 75% or better to become state certified and receive their Class”D” Un-Armed Security Officer’s license from the Division of Licensing.

16hour D-license Course(Unarmed)

At that juncture, you’d qualify to attend the 16-Hour Class-“D” Unarmed Security Officer Training Course (Continuous Education Course).

We’ll provide your 16-hour certification course, complete your state licensing paperwork for you, one passport size photograph (if required), administer and grade your state exam. Upon successful completion we’ll issue a certificate of completion and place your paperwork in a self addressed envelope ready for you to mail.

Students must score a 75% or better on the state exam to become state certified and receive their permanent Class”D” Un-Armed Security Officer’s license from the Division of Licensing.

28 hour G-license(Armed)

The G License class security training will provide the skills to be able to work legally as an armed security guard, as is stated in Florida State Statutes Section 493, 775, and 790.

28 – Hours of Security Training

  1. Classroom
  2. Gun Range

Note: Class D Training must be attained prior to the State of Florida issuing a Class G License.
Once this Florida security license course has been completed, a temporary G License can be received from the state of Florida by completing a psychological and physical exam.

Within sixty to ninety days of completion this security school class, the state of Florida will issue the permanent G License.

Alert Patrol Career Institute Includes:

  1. Gun Range Use
  2. Ammunition & Targets
  3. 20 – Hours of Classroom Instruction
  4. 8- Hours of range
  5. Firearms Safety & Mechanics
  6. Civil Liability & Use of Force Issues
  7. Handgun Marksmanship
  8. Care and Maintenance of Firearms
  9. Other Armed Security Training