General Information
Date: Name:
Position Applying For: UnArmed Armed Own A Weapon: Yes No
Available To Works: First Shift Second Shift Third Shift
In order to get to know you, what security post have you worked at?
Company Name: Address:
Post Name: Manager in Charge of post:
Company Name: Address:
Post Name: Manager in Charge of post:
Company Name: Address:
Post Name: Manager in Charge of post:
We are equal opportunity employer, dedicated to a policy of nondiscrimination in employment on any basis including race,color, age, sex religion, disability or national origin.
Employment Desired
Employment Desired: Date You Can Start:
Salary Desired: Type of Employment: Full Time Part Time
Are you employed now?: Yes No If so may we contact your present employer?: Yes No
Have you ever applied to this company before?: Yes No Where?:    When?:
Personal Information
Last Name:    First Name:    Middle Initial:
Social Security Number:    Contact Number:    Referred By:
High School Attended and Location: No. of Years Completed: Did you Graduate?: Degree:
College Attended and Location: No. of Years Completed: Did you Graduate?: Degree:
Trade, Business or Correspondence School Attended and Location: No. of Years Completed: Did you Graduate?: Degree:
Employment History (list Present or Most Recent Position First )
Name of Employer: Address:
Phone:    Type of Business:    Department:    Your Position:   
Name and Position of Immediate Supervisor:   
Date Employed:    Date Left:    Starting Salary:    Ending Salary:   
Name of Employer: Address:
Phone:    Type of Business:    Department:    Your Position:   
Name and Position of Immediate Supervisor:   
Date Employed:    Date Left:    Starting Salary:    Ending Salary:   
Name of Employer: Address:
Phone:    Type of Business:    Department:    Your Position:   
Name and Position of Immediate Supervisor:   
Date Employed:    Date Left:    Starting Salary:    Ending Salary:   
Name of Employer: Address:
Phone:    Type of Business:    Department:    Your Position:   
Name and Position of Immediate Supervisor:   
Date Employed:    Date Left:    Starting Salary:    Ending Salary:   
Employee Contact Information
Employee Name: D.O.B:
Home Phone: Cell Phone:
Social Security#: Work Visa # (If applicable):
Email Address:
Emergency Contact: Phone:
Emergency Contact: Phone:
Nearest Relative Address:
Vehicle Type: Vehicle Year: License Plate:
Driver License#: Expiration::
Employee Availability
Basic Grammar Section
Choose the Best answer to complete the sentence.
1. Simon ___________ very tall.
2. She __________ likes football very much.
3. How ________ does one lesson cost?.
4. The plural of "man" is ______.
Circle – True or False
5. Noun [naun] noun:
A word used as the name of a person, animal, place, state or thing.

6. The United States consists of 50 states.
6. You must have your security license on you every time you go to work
Basic Math Section
1. 6 + 2 =
2. 3 + 13 =
3. 9 – 4 =
4. 17 – 8 =
5. 7 x 8 =
6. 10 / 15 =
7. 12 / 32 =
Basic Math Section
8. 47 – Z = 7, Z=?
9. 16 = X + 13, X=?
Complete the sequence.
10. 2, 4, 6, , 10, ,
11. 4, 8, 16, , 64,
12. 5, 10, , , 25
13. 20, , 11, 8, , 5
14. 1, , 5, , 9,
1. The President of the company ABC Warehousing arrives at the gate you are working and states he has forgotten his I.D. what do you do?
2. The gatehouse you are working requires that Everyone will be cleared before entering the property. A visitor arrives to see the Warehouse Manager; you did not receive a pre-authorization for the visitor. What do you do?
3. What are your career goals if you join Alert Patrol Workforce Inc?
4. Read the following statement and then fill out the Incident Report: You work the (3) third shift 12:00 am (0000) to 8:00 am (0800) on March 12, 2010 at the Bickford Corporation Headquarters. You arrive 45 minutes early and you find the Security Officer on duty sleeping. It is obvious that he has been drinking.

Date:   Time:   Post:

Criminal History
Have you ever been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor? Yes    No
If you answer YES, please explain; answering yes does not automatically exclude you.
Have you ever served in the MILITARY? Yes    No
If YES, provide the following information:
Branch of Service: Highest Rank Achieved:
I served from: to
Special Honors:
Please describe any skills you have in the following areas:
Computers, firearms, baton, less than lethal and or any other advanced training.
Do you possess a valid Unarmed – License? If yes, provide the jurisdiction and number:
Do you possess a valid Armed – License? If yes, provide the jurisdiction and number:

Employment Verification and Release Form
Please complete this verification sheet of employment and return by fax ASAP. Thank you
Name: S.S #:
I certify that all statements made on the employment application and / or during the interview process about my previous employment and educational and military history are true to the best of my knowledge. I hereby authorize the Alert Patrol Workforce, contact my past employers and references to obtain information about me. I agree to supply additional information as required. I understand that if any statements and / or information are found to be false or misleading, such falsification can be cause for disqualification or immediate dismissal: TERMINATION.

Applicant Signature:

The following person has applied for employment with our company. Below is the information he/she provided regarding his/her employment with our company. Please verify whether the information is correct and/or if it is not. Please confirm the correct information.
Name: S.S #:
  Information stated on application Correct Comments
Dates of Employment: Yes No
Job Title: Yes No
Pay Rate: Yes No
Reason for Separation: Yes No
Any Behavioral / Absenteeism / Tardiness Problems:
Additional Comments:
Alert Patrol Workforce, Inc.
Dear Security Officer:

Welcome to Alert Patrol Workforce, Inc., one of the leading security officer companies in the United States! We are pleased to extend you a contingent offer of employment.

Provided you successfully complete all of Alert Patrol Workforce, Inc.'s pre-employment requirements: i.e. background investigation, (6) six panel drug screen and employment verification. We will notify you no later than (2) two business days to return to the office to attend our in-house orientation, complete additional paperwork and provide proof of identity and eligibility to work in the United States. You will be called the day before to confirm your appointment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for applying with Alert Patrol Workforce, Inc.and we wish you the very best of luck as we embark on a new relationship and you begin a new career.


Human Resources Manager

Alert Patrol Workforce, Inc.

Your Signature is required below as your acceptance of the contingent offer of employment.


Employee Information Form
Minimum Wage Policy
As a term of employment, all whom, want to resign from Alert Patrol Workforce, Inc.are required to issue a 14-day written notice to our corporate office, in person. All employees who fail to issue this notice or are terminated for a No-Call/No-Show or Post Abandonment will be subject to pay decrease to minimum wage, for the entire pay period yet to be paid.
In the case of Sleeping and / or Abandonment of Post you will NOT be paid for the shift. Leaving without a relief is considered post abandonment.


I, undersigned, understand that if I am employed by you in any capacity, I am going to be entrusted with confidential information and the preservation of such confidence as prescribed by law. In the contemplation of the certainty of this fact, I hereby agree to the following:
Protection of Confidential Information: I will not, directly or indirectly, use, make available, sell, disclose or otherwise communicate to any third party, other than in my assigned duties and for the benefit of this company, any of the Company's Confidential Information, either during or after employment with this company. In the event I desire to publish the results of my work for the Company through literature or speeches, I will submit such literature or speeches to the C.E.O. of the Company at least 10 days before dissemination of such information for a determination of whether such disclosure may be highly prejudicial to the interests of this company, or may constitute an invasion of its privacy. I agree not to publish, disclose or otherwise disseminate such information without prior written approval of the C.E.O. of this company. I acknowledge that I am aware that the unauthorized disclosure of Confidential Information of the Company may be highly prejudicial to its interests, an invasion of privacy, and an improper disclosure of confidential information.
Delivery of Confidential Information: Upon request or when my employment with this company terminates, I will immediately deliver to the C.E.O. all copies of any and all material and writings received from, created for, or belonging to this company including, but not limited to, those which relates to or contains Confidential Information.
a. Location and Reproduction I shall maintain at my work station and/or any other places under my control only such Confidential Information as I have a current "need to know." I shall return to the appropriate person or location or otherwise properly dispose of Confidential Information once that need to know no longer exists. I shall not make any copies of or otherwise reproduce Confidential Information unless there is a legitimate business need of the Company for reproduction
Third Party Information: I acknowledge that this company has received and in the future will receive from third parties their confidential information subject to a duty on this company's part to maintain the confidentiality of such information and to use it only for certain limited purpose. I agree that, during the Period of Employment and thereafter, I will hold all such confidential information in the strictest confidence and not to disclose or use it to, except as necessary to perform my obligations hereunder and as is consistent with the this company's agreement with such third parties.
For Cause: Not withstanding anything herein to the contrary, this company may terminate my employment hereunder for cause for any of the following reasons: (1) conviction of a felony, or a misdemeanor where imprisonment is imposed, (2) commission of any act of theft, fraud, or falsification of any employment or this company's records in any material way, (3) my failure or inability to perform any material reasonable assigned duties after written notice from this company, and a reasonable opportunity to cure, such failure or inability, or (4) material breach of this Agreement which breach is not cured within one day following written notice of such breach. Upon termination of employment with this company for cause, this company shall be under no further obligation to me for salary or bonus , except to pay all accrued but unpaid base salary, accrued bonus (if any) and accrued vacation to the date of termination thereof.
Payroll: I will not disclose any type of information of my paycheck and how much I make from Alert Patrol Workforce, Inc.; if I do I will be terminated from Alert Patrol Workforce, Inc.. All information of employee income should be kept confidential.
Exclusive Employment: During employment with this company (a) I will not do anything to compete with the Company's present or contemplated business, nor will I plan or organize any competitive business activity and (b) I will not enter into any agreement which conflicts with my duties or obligations to this company I will not during his employment or within two (2) years after it ends, without this company's express written consent, solicit or encourage any employee, client, independent contractor, supplier, consultant, investor, or alliance partner to terminate or alter a relationship with this company. I will not also seek employment with any of Alert Patrol Work Inc. present and past clients
Candidate Signature: Date:
Candidate Signature:
I, , agree to allow Alert Patrol Workforce, Inc.and anyone they may empower, to use, trade, or sell, all photographs of me displaying security uniforms. I further give complete permission for the use, display, publishing, printing, copying or replication of these photographs of me on security websites or any websites for advertisement or any promotional literature without payment or compensation of any nature to me at any time for any reason now and forever.

I further state and agree that I am of sound mind and that by signing this agreement that I will be giving up all rights to these photographs, any copies, and all reprints, forever without receiving any compensation. And that these photographs shall be the sole property exclusively of the aforementioned company and their officers and staff, without limit, to do with as they please without limit, and that I shall never be entitled to any compensation of any kind connected to the use of these photographs.

Employee Dress Code Guidelines
It is important that APWI employees meet and respond to our clients' daily needs. As representatives of APWI Security Services it is vital to project a positive image including a neat, clean and professional appearance.
*Supervisors are responsible for insuring officers comply with the dress code requirements.
Hair Style:
Male employees:
1. Hair should be neat, clean, trimmed, and not extrude more than 3" from scalp. Hair will not cover more than 1" of the ear from the top and any part of the collar.
2. Sideburns will not extend beyond the lowest part of the ear and not flare at the base. Sideburns will not connect with moustaches.
3. Neatly trimmed moustaches may be worn, but will not extend more than 1/2" beyond the corners of the mouth or extend over the upper lip. Beards and goatees are prohibited.
4. Nails must be clean and maintained no longer than 1/8"
Female employees:
1. Hair may touch, but not extend below the shoulders.
2. Hair longer than shoulders must be maintained in a bun or and upwards do.
3. If a hair clip or barrette is worn, it must blend with hair color.
Jewelry regulations:
1. No bracelets and/or necklaces are to be worn while on duty.
2. Earrings are limited to the female employees only and are not to exceed the size of a dime.
3. Rings are limited to 1 per hand.
4. Jewelry worn as neckwear by uniformed employees will not be visible to the public.
5. Employees will not be reimbursed for any loss or damaged jewelry.
Wearing the Alert Patrol:
1. Uniformed employees must wear entire regulation Uniform. Wearing a partial uniform is prohibited
2. Uniforms will only be worn by authorized employees when on duty, coming to/from Workforce, or on an authorized special assignment.
3. Employees will be responsible for maintaining their uniforms and accessories.
4. Employees will replace and repair items at their own expense if uniform items become damaged beyond normal wear and tear.
Employee Witness Date
Limits of Authority and Use of Force and Special Security Devices
Security personnel do not have police powers beyond that of any ordinary citizen, and must operate under the laws empowering private person arrests and use reasonable force. Officers are not permitted to touch, search or arrest any individual except under limited circumstances. The circumstances under which a Security Officer may touch, search or deter an individual are as follows:
1. When the individual has freely and voluntarily consented to the search
2. When acting in self defense
3. In making a legal citizen's arrest, upon witnessing a felony
4. When protecting the safety of others
5. At the instruction of law enforcement.
Use of Force
Security personnel are required to exercise extreme caution and good judgment when considering the use of force. When faced with a clear and immediate threat of bodily harm, the Security Officer must always consider retreating with any other people present to a secure position.
A Security Officer must only use the degree of force necessary to repel an attack or threat of an attack. When a use-of-force situation arises, call the police for assistance and call Company management.
Security Officers who improperly use or apply excess force may be subject to disciplinary action and may be held criminally liable for their actions.
In the event of any physical altercation involving a Security Officer, the officer must make every effort to secure names and addresses of all witnesses, along with names and addresses of person(s) involved. The officer will submit a detailed written report of the incident to appropriate Company supervision.
Deadly force is never to be utilized for the protection of property of information.
"Deadly Force" is any use of force that is likely to cause death or serious bodily injury. Deadly force should only be used to defend life. Security Officers who improperly use or apply excessive force may be held liable for their actions in a court of law.
Special Security Devices
Generally, security devices are not appropriate or necessary for normal security assignments. Accordingly, security personnel don not carry or use special security devices unless the facts and circumstances of a particular post assignment indicate that the use is reasonable and appropriate. In every situation, special security devices must be authorized in writing by branch management. Such devices may include handcuffs, firearm, holster, ammunition carriers, mace or pepper spray, soft body armor or clubs. In all cases, our Company will issue the equipment and all officers will be trained for its use in accordance with Company policy. Some states require security personnel to have permits to carry non-lethal weapons in addition to certified training.
Policy on Sexual Harassment
SEXUAL HARASSMENT: It is policy of APWI to provide an environment free of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when:
1. Submission to such conducts made either explicitly or implicitly a condition of an individual's employment;
2. Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting such individuals; or
3. Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonable interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.
APWI strictly forbids any employee from engaging in any of the above-described conduct. Anyone found to have engaged in harassment will be subject to disciplinary measures, up to and including termination.
APWI will maintain a work environment free from sexual harassment. Anyone who claims that he or she is the victim of sexual harassment should report the incident directly to the Supervisor or Manager. If the complaint involves a Supervisor, the complaint the complaint should be filed directly with the board of directors at APWI (or some other designated representative of the Association). All complaints will be handled in a timely and confidential manner. APWI will conduct a prompt and through investigation of the complaint and, where applicable, take appropriate disciplinary measure against the offending party. Investigation of a complaint will normally include conferring with the parties involved and any named or apparent witnesses. There will be no retaliation against any person perusing his or her rights under the law of this policy.
APWI'S position is that sexual harassment is a form of misconduct which undermines the integrity of the employment relationship. No employee, either male or female, should be subject to unsolicited and unwelcome sexual overtures or conduct, either verbal or physical. Sexual harassment does not refer to occasional compliments of a sociably acceptable nature. It refers to behavior which is not welcomed, which is personally offensive, which debilitates morale, and which, therefore, interferes with work effectiveness.




Uniform Return Policy
Due to loss of uniforms, if by any chance employee is terminated, quits or decides not to work for Alert Patrol Workforce, Inc.anymore, they will be granted a period of (5) five business days to return their uniforms in satisfactory condition. Final Paycheck will be held until is DRY CLEANED and returned. In the case that the uniform is not returned in the prescribed allotted amount of time, you will be reported to the State and you be fined; for the cost of the total amount of uniform items signed for.


Authorization for Payroll deduction
Client Name:
Employee Name: SS #:
Start Date:
*** Date must fall within the pay period in which the deduction is to start. ***
I hereby authorize my employer to deduct a one-time deduction of $
hereby authorize my employer to deduct an on-going deduction of $ per pay

period,to a total of $
For the purpose of:

Cellular Phone



I understand that upon the conclusion of my employment relationship, I authorize me employer to deduct from my FINAL PAYROLL CHECK any unpaid balance I may owe in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Employee Handbook and Manual
By signing below I, agree that I have received and fully understand the employee manuals' rules and regulations; also they are subject to change at any time.


Your safety is our concern. In order for us to ensure that you have received proper medical treatment if injured on the job, you must follow the below steps:
1. All injuries must reported immediately to a Supervisor before the end of your shift.
2. Any employee that needs medical treatment must receive a referral for an authorized medical provider or physicians from the Human Resources Representative. Please note that Personal Physicians are not authorized. In case of an emergency, you will be referred to the nearest emergency room.
3. Any employee that receives treatment must provide to Human Resources, a copy of their medical status. Please note, that without medical release, you will not be allowed to return to work.
If you have any questions concerning Workers Compensation Procedures, please contact the Human Resource Department at 844-970-7655.
Workers Compensation Fraud will not be tolerated!
I have read and understand the above Worker's Compensation procedures

Employee Name (Print)

Employee Signature



Employee Manual
Map/Directions to Post
Schedule of Tour
Badge Metal
Badge, Cap
Baton Holder
Black Belt
Black Belt
Flashlight and holder
Glossy Belt
Handcuff Holder
Hat, Security, (Male)
Jacket, Black
Nametag, Plastic
Navy Blue Long sleeve
Navy Blue Short sleeve
Office Keys
Pepper Spray
Sargent Pins
Shirt, White
Shirt, Blue
S.O Pins
S.P Pin
Tie, Neck, Black (male)
Traffic Vest
Trouser, Black
Trouser, Navy Blue