Warehouse security guard job

Warehouse security guard job description

A warehouse is basically where a business stores its products besides the main operations premises. Some companies may run their business from the warehouse but on rare occasions. Warehouses need to stay protected as a product-based business relies on the availability of the goods for continuity of activities. They need to be well maintained and safe. We’ll take a look at the warehouse security guard job description, which gives an in-depth view of what the personnel should do to keep the place secure. The following shows the warehouse security guard job description and everything you need to know.

Warehouse security guard job description


There are no specific educational needs for a security guard, which usually depends on an employee. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports most demand on-the-job training and a high school diploma. At the industry level, it is not specified, and there are no exact standards to meet regarding education, but literacy is critical.


The security industry requires integrity and hard work as the primary skills of a security guard. It does not matter whether they are parking lot security guards or mall security guards. Security guards need to report on what happened during their shift, for example, hourly, as it is essential to keep track of all the activities going in the warehouse. Other skills required include operating security equipment like CCTV, challenging people, and report writing.


Typical warehouse responsibilities include;

  • Monitoring CCTV
  • As a security guard patrol
  • Checking entry and exit of people and goods

They are key parts of warehouse security guard job description as a hired personnel needs to perform these activities as part of their daily routine.


Like any other security job, a warehouse security guard needs to take care of the area’s safety and their own, as some dangers can be unpredictable. According to statistics, security jobs come top for reporting the most work-related injuries, and they are primarily nonfatal.

Physicality and health

Being physically fit is a non-negotiable for a security guard. One should be able to withstand the job’s physical demands, for example, keeping guard on the computer, the entry points, and moving around the place. Fitness is essential for efficiency as a security guard can get into an altercation with an intruder or insider, and they may be forced to restrain or catch the individual. Physicality is one aspect, as one has to have good mental health to work well.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the annual average security worker’s salary is about $31,050. The report shows a growing trend of 14%, which is set to grow over the coming years. It also depends on the level of education, for example, if a security guard is licensed and trained to use weapons and their roles, such as gated community security.

The roles of a warehouse security guard

Incident response

As part of the warehouse security guard job description, there are several incidents that a security guard should respond to, for example, fire emergencies, pipe leaks, and intruder alerts. They need to be always available when they are on shift to ensure that they can react quickly and report if necessary.

Protect the employees

Employees of a warehouse are key business players, and they should be protected. A warehouse security guard should prioritize ensuring that the employees are safe to work without interruption. They should check for intruders at entry points by inspecting the company ID to validate that the right people are entering the warehouse. Usually, employees may wear a specific company attire, and it should be part of the details to check during entry.

Inventory check 

A warehouse stores specific company items, and a security guard needs to secure each while keeping track of the inventory. The property should be in the condition that it was left and complete. Usually, they should be provided with a checklist to follow while checking items to ensure that they are safe and unmoved unless with authorization.

Guarding the warehouse

It is one of the most important roles of a warehouse security guard. Despite the level of security detail in most warehouses, they are still vulnerable to theft as they hold valuable items. Criminals are always looking for ways to gain access to the warehouse to steal the items inside. A security guard should always be alert to identify any malicious activity from outsiders and insiders. Well-trained personnel will perform this role efficiently and reduce any margin or error, as thieves can be within the company.

Monitoring the premises

There are technology tools at the disposal of security guards, and they should be able to operate them as defined in the warehouse security guard job description. Some of the technologies they should be proficient in operating include alarm systems, CCTVs, or other company personalized software. Being tech-savvy is an added advantage. It is hard to miss these systems, whether one works as a parking lot security guard, gated community security, or a mall security guard. Monitoring the warehouse involves using the technology tools and roaming around the place physically to check for any anomalies. If there is a visitor in the warehouse, they should always register their presence on a logbook to ensure the accountability of every person in the place.

Wrapping up

A good warehouse security guard should ensure that the place is safe, monitor the entry points, and take complete control. The important elements should be provided in the warehouse security guard job description. Suppose you are an individual looking to get into the security industry. In that case, this guide is perfect for you. It does not matter whether you are looking to be a parking lot security guard, gated community security, mall security guard, or security guard patrol. It is also helpful for businesses looking to procure security guard services.

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