Month: May 2022

Vehicle patrol services: Why you need them

When choosing a security service for a business, community, venue, or facility, the two most common options are standing officers and vehicle patrol services. Both are excellent options, and you can use them simultaneously. Still, there are differences between the security and protection offered by the two most common options. Standing patrol services Standing office … Continued

Important duties of a church security officer

For most people, the church is a symbol of peace and a safe place for them to gather. Still, that has drastically changed over the last few years. Nothing is sacred nowadays. Security needs to be considered when organizing any event that involves a significant number of people. And unfortunately, even churches now require church … Continued

Retail sector risks you should be aware of

Businesses in the retail sector witness many risks on a daily basis; from shoplifting to more perfidious and innovative threats, it can get challenging for them to keep up with loss prevention. Retail crimes can cause severe losses, costing business owners in this sector billions of dollars annually.  As you may assume, the pandemic we’ve … Continued