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We Serve to Protect from all criminal activities. We are committed to protect all clients assets by using the most modern and sophisticated plan of action to deter criminal behavior. We offer Professional armed and unarmed guards, which are trained to exhibit tremendous customer service to law abiding citizens, while helping law enforcement to ensure public safety.

Alert Patrol was found in 2004 by a multi talented management team whose combined experience in security extends to over 50 years in the industry, moreover; all coming from top five industry companies to form Alert Patrol with their extensive knowledge in the business and in the field of security.

Alert Patrol represents an innovative, well managed company. We are always striving to get better and sharpen our expertise when it comes to the field of security. Our executives are constantly focusing their attention on making our security services unmatched and straightening our key initiatives which is to provide trained professionals for every facet of security.

If you are looking to hire a professional, licensed security company then you need to call Alert Patrol now!

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