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Why is home security a benefit to your family?

In an increasingly uncertain world, ensuring the safety and well-being of our loved ones has become a priority for many families. That is where home security plays a crucial role. With advances in technology, residential security systems have become more sophisticated, offering a wide variety of additional models and services, such as bodyguard services, security … Continued

Top 4 reasons to hire a club security guard

The nightlife industry welcomes people who go to clubs to party and have fun. Night clubs are filled with patrons, VIPs, and high-class people who go out to have a good time. In such a crowded environment, it is expected that some type of disturbance will happen. Adding that alcohol is often involved in these … Continued

Security patrol procedures: Dos and Don’ts

The job of a security guard is challenging and very responsible. Although many types of security guards provide security services on different levels and secure distinct properties, some security procedures apply to every security category. Security procedures are demanding strategies that encompass various tactics but also specific actions that are not applicable or recommended. Our … Continued

How many security guards per person do you need?

Once a business owner or private client decides they need a security guard, the next question is how many security officers they need to hire and what to look for when hiring a security company. The answer to these questions depends on your security needs.  The required number of security officers is often determined by the … Continued

Can Security Guards Carry Guns?

There are various types of security guards. The differences between the security officers include the objects of their protection, duties, equipment, training, risks, and other aspects. Depending on these factors, different security guard types require different tools to provide services and perform their jobs successfully. So the answer to the question of can security guards carry … Continued

Concierge vs Security Guard: Differences and Similarities

In recent years, many hotels and resorts included security guards and concierges to their personnel. Hotel guests usually see this hotel staff in lobbies and around the reception. Still, many are unaware of the differences between these two and the particular services they provide. On the other hand, for business owners, it’s important to distinguish … Continued

How to secure your apartment from burglary: A comprehensive guide

Securing an apartment in a building can be pretty challenging due to various specifics, such as multiple building entries, the number of people who live there, and the constant traffic of apartment visitors. Therefore, our security guard patrol has made this comprehensive guide with practical tips that can help you secure your apartment from burglary … Continued

Corporate Building Security: Keeping Your Employees and Property Safe

Security is a prerequisite for successfully performing a business. Therefore, companies are constantly seeking efficient ways to increase the security of their business and employees. That includes spending a lot of resources to provide an adequate business security system. Compared to most other objects of security, financial services firms usually require a robust protection system. Security … Continued

What can security guards do legally?

A security guard is a broad term referring to a business guard, private security, residential, mobile, event, and other types of security guard. Regarding the nature and duties of their job, security guards have different responsibilities, tasks, and assignments. However, there are some legal limitations and authorities that concern the security guard. You might be … Continued

11 security threats manned guarding can help you overcome

The security industry has developed, creating various specializations in a branch, each with its own narrowly defined duties and responsibilities. Security officers nowadays are trained and instructed to provide different types of security. However, clients usually find it confusing to comprehend the exact work scopes of various security models. Security guard patrol has dedicated today’s … Continued