Mobile patrol security officer: What they do and why you may need one

Most of the time, security officers provide static coverage to sites. That means that they are stationed at a certain site during scheduled hours. However, some sites don’t require a high level of security with an officer who is constantly present. On the other hand, others may be too large to be adequately secured by stationary officers. That’s when mobile patrol security officers take up the task. Whatever you need to secure, be it a residential community, a construction site, a parking lot, or you would just want somebody to check on your home occasionally, a mobile patrol security officer will tailor their patrolling schedule to your specific needs. That’s why experts from security guard patrol highly advise your to hire one. Mobile patrol security services are highly customizable and will ensure the safety of your property or business at all times.

Duties of a mobile patrol security officer

Security technologies are nowadays getting ever more sophisticated. Smart cameras and advanced alarm systems can monitor your business or property and report any suspicious activity. However, having a person on the ground is still unrivaled as a security solution. So, there are three main types of circumstances under which a mobile patrol security officer is required:

  • The site doesn’t require constant surveillance but only occasional checking.
  • The site is too big to be covered by a stationary security officer.
  • It is located in a high-risk area, and a stationary security officer is not enough to ensure safety, so mobile patrols must be around in case of an emergency.

All mobile security officers are certified security drivers and are amongst the best in the industry. They are constantly on the alert and patrol what is sometimes a large number of sites throughout their shifts, keeping each one under surveillance. In case of an emergency, they are highly trained to respond appropriately. In addition to that, all security patrol vehicles are equipped with first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and other security equipment. So what exactly are the duties of a mobile security officer?

Checking doors

We all occasionally forget if we had locked the door when we left home. But this is more than just that. Mobile patrol officers regularly check doors on residential properties and look for traces of any suspicious activity such as attempts of lock picking or break-ins by other means.

Patrolling a number of sites

Mobile patrol security officers can sometimes check on between 20 and 30 different sites within a single shift. There are special protocols for how often should a security officer do patrols. While their patrolling routines are conducted according to a tailored schedule, they look random to everyone else. Therefore, thieves and trespassers never know when a security officer might stop by, which discourages much illegal activity.

Patrolling site perimeters

In the case of large sites, stationary officers may not be able to properly monitor all the activity that might be happening around the perimeters. Such locations include large residential communities, retail sites, construction sites, and similar. Many construction sites, even large ones, have just a single stationary officer located at the site’s entrance. There are many duties and responsibilities of security guard in construction site, so they may not be able to monitor the whole site fully, at least not all the time. However, a mobile security officer can patrol the perimeters of the site and thus assist the stationary officer. They can monitor unauthorized persons, vehicles, and activity around the perimeters.

Opening and closing facilities

A mobile patrol officer can ensure the security of your gates and entrances with reliable locking and unlocking services whenever you need it. They can unlock your business premises at opening hours and lock them at closing hours or unlock other types of facilities for customers, visitors, and so on. They can also set up and control your alarm monitoring systems. 

Protecting early morning and late night employees

Due to the specific circumstances in the industry, some shifts may start very early in the morning or may end very late in the night. Employees that work such shifts can be at high risk for their safety when coming to or leaving work. Criminals may target them personally or may try to use those vulnerable moments to break into the business’s premises. Either way, employees can be seriously harmed. But if a mobile security officer is around, they can stop by at those times and ensure the employees’ safety.

Identifying vehicles and people

If an unauthorized person wanders around your property or business, that may not always be something risky. Sometimes it might be just a passer-by. But other times, it may indeed be a potential trespasser or thief. That’s why that shouldn’t be left to chance. One of the duties of a mobile security officer is to identify any vehicle or person that comes close to your property or business. 

4 reasons to hire a mobile patrol security officer

Now that we have discussed the most important duties of a mobile patrol security officer let’s take a look at the practical benefits you as customers could have by hiring one. 

You will get security on demand

Hiring a stationary security officer is the optimal solution for some types of businesses, but it may not always be the best option. Sometimes it may exceed the customer’s budget, especially when it comes to private properties. Other times a static coverage may present too many limitations. But with mobile security, the service is highly customizable to both the specific needs of the customers and their budgets. You can choose how frequently and at what times an officer should check on your property or business. Also, you can have them over for unlocking and locking, to escort your employees when leaving work, and to check on your property during trips or throughout the night.  

You can count on swift action in case of an emergency

The easy mobility of mobile patrols enables them to react swiftly whenever something out of the ordinary happens. They arrive on site in no time and act in a swift and appropriate manner. There are precisely devised protocols for every sort of emergency, and officers always respond adequately to threats. 

You get a wide coverage

Mobile patrol services are highly flexible and adapt to your demands. They are available for any type of location, including business complexes, shopping malls, residential communities, apartment buildings, construction sites, parking lots, industrial complexes, and more. Mobiles patrol security officers are highly trained to secure any site. You can choose how frequently to do you want officers to check on your property or business, at what times, and any other particular demand that you have will be given the utmost attention and covered.

Their presence deters crime  

As mentioned above, mobile security officers are constantly on the move patrolling. Their schedules as to where and when to go are tailored to the circumstances and specific needs of each customer and area of operation. But for everyone else, their patrolling seems random and unpredictable, which is a huge benefit of mobile patrols. A criminal can never know when a security officer might be around. More experienced criminals may try to figure their schedules out, but mobile patrols are always two steps ahead of them. That’s the expertise of the job. The uncertainty of when can a security officer appear at a certain location is enough to deter most illegal activity. The very notion that mobile patrols cover a particular area is an immense contribution to the area’s security.

They are more affordable than you’d expect

Hiring a mobile patrol security guard is not nearly as expensive as you expect. How so? Static security coverage means that a security officer is dedicated to one customer only. On the other hand, a mobile patrol security guard patrols several sites during a single shift. If they are not at your site, they are patrolling others, which significantly lowers the expenses for each customer.

Final thoughts

Whenever static security coverage is either too expensive and unnecessary or not enough to cover a large site, mobile patrol security officers come on duty. Their area of service includes any type of location. Some of the most commonly serviced sites are large residential communities, shopping malls, construction sites, and parking lots. Mobile patrol officers may patrol up to 30 sites in a single shift. Their mobility enables their services to be highly customizable to the needs of each customer. You can choose when and how frequently they should check on your site; you can have them over for unlocking and locking services, to secure your employees when leaving work, or to check on your home during the night.

Their branded cars and uniforms can’t go unnoticed, and when their presence becomes known in an area, that is enough to deter most illegal activity. In addition to that, they are much more affordable than you’d expect. Since when they are not at your site, they patrol others, you split the expenses with other customers, resulting in a significantly lower price than a static coverage. If their services sound appropriate to your needs, contact us, hire a mobile security officer and enjoy your peace of mind.