Front Desk Security Services

Front Desk Security Services

A high-security lever should be in the first place for every company owner. It would be great to have someone at the entrance to observe every person who walks in. An ideal solution is a front desk security guard whose job is to welcome everyone who approaches the front desk, answer phone calls, organize meetings or travels, and pay special attention to suspicious activities. The most important thing is to make your company a safe place for you and your employees. 

Who should be at your front desk?

At the front desk should be a trained professional, one who is highly skilled and observant.

Services that front desk security guard has to provide:

  1. Excellent welcoming skills. When clients come in, you have to greet them with respect and kindness.
  2. After greeting them, make sure to sign their name when they check in and write the time when they checked out.
  3. Every front desk security guard has to answer the phone, answer clients’ questions if they have any, and so on.
  4. If someone needs first aid, CPR; the receptionist has to own those skills and perform them.
  5. While welcoming guests, the front desk security guard has to observe them to see if they have any bad intentions.

Not every receptionist has these skills; that’s why more and more owners are replacing receptionists with safeguards. Owners of that business could have avoided many robberies, shootings, and hostage situations if people trained for them were at the front desk. 

Now, let’s talk about what does security guard training consists of:

  • guarding and monitoring
  • learning how surveillance equipment works
  • how to prevent theft
  • learning how to transport large amounts of money and valuable items
  • quick communication with emergency services
  • in any situation, you have to make quick decisions 

It can be challenging when you first apply for this training. It doesn’t matter whether you patrol around the neighborhood or if you are at the front desk. Training is the same for every safeguard officer.front desk security services


Hotel security 

Let’s take hotel security guards, for example. You might think that working at the front desk as a security guard is easy? This job also requires strong interpersonal and social skills. When you are hiring a professional security company, these are the skills that their guards should have:

Alert and interactive

As we already mentioned, the front desk needs to stay alert and observe. Search for anyone suspicious that has harmful intentions. 


Effective interaction between front desk security guards and their security guard company so you can keep everything under control and make a safe environment for everyone in that building. If anything happens, it’s essential to stay calm and help them in the best way possible, whether in person or over the phone.

Technology knowledge

Front desk security should have basic technical knowledge. Also, they need to learn about hotel systems and technology.


Since this job requires multitasking, it means you have to be very organized.

Conflict management

This skill comes in handy when two people get into a heated argument, and you can probably resolve the situation.

Physical durability

Being a security guard means you have to stand for a long time, also assisting the guests, so it would help you if you are physically fit.


This skill is not a must-have, but it is vital to communicate and understand people worldwide.


No one can do everything all by themselves. Different departments communicate with the front desk security guards and inform their situation in every department.

Make right decisions

Trying to make the right decision to protect the guests needs to be quick if it’s a crisis. You need to own good judgment ability and the ability to think quickly and react quickly.

Precise report

Front desk security guards are also accountable for reporting all suspicious activities in reports to their managers and the hotel management. Doing that requires them to write in-depth words on paper if needed and use the mobile app they’ve been equipped with by their security guard company.

Final thoughts

When placing someone on the front desk security guard position, it would be great to pay attention to some of the qualifications from above and hire a professional. Besides front desk security services, we can offer a wide range of other security systems. If you are interested in security patrol guard services, feel free to contact us.