Personal Bodyguard Services | Hire a Bodyguard

Personal Bodyguard Services | Hire a Bodyguard

Personal bodyguards are well-known figures to most of us, and you can often see them on television or in movies. They’re presented as tall, masculine figures, usually wearing sunglasses and having that attitude that almost speaks, “you better not mess with me.” VIPs and celebrities in real life typically hire them, but virtually anyone can hire a bodyguard if they feel like their safety is threatened. Truth be told, they are much more than imposing figures. Like with other security guards, their role is to deter potential dangers and react accordingly if an incident occurs. They take on a massive responsibility because their list of duties can get very long. That’s why you need to do some serious research before hiring yourself a bodyguard; you want a professional, high-skilled and reliable individual. When you start going through agencies that offer personal bodyguard services, here are some of the things you should take into consideration.

What are your needs?

Before requesting a bodyguard, you need to understand your needs and clearly state them to the agency. Personal bodyguard can perform many duties, from security guard patrol services to personal drivers and everything in between. Security guards can patrol on foot around your household, make sure you’re safe while you’re mobile, or escort you during your everyday activities. So, ask yourself, what is it that makes you feel unsafe? Do you need a personal bodyguard who’s present with you 24/7, or only for a certain amount of time during a day or a week. Do you need one or more people to protect you? If you’re going to travel soon, let the agency know about it if you’re planning to take your bodyguard with you. Have you established any protection measures yet? And so on. personal bodyguard services

What are the bodyguard’s qualifications?

You can’t just hire any bodyguard. You can technically, but to avoid wasting your money while staying unsafe, you should aim for experienced professionals. They should offer you both personal and asset protection services. Don’t judge your options by their looks; sometimes, those tall and masculine men turn out to be amateurs. It’s best to find a person who has a history in military or law enforcement services. They are highly skilled and equipped to identify suspicious objects; therefore, they can prevent incidents. If something happens, and your security becomes threatened, your bodyguard should be able to step in front of you and risk their safety to protect you. Feel free to ask them if they have a criminal record, and if they do, start looking for someone else. You should also request to see their license and recommendations. Let’s see some other skills that make a good bodyguard:

  • Excellent judgment – Even though the presence of a bodyguard is sometimes enough to deter any threats, they should also have excellent judgment skills that allow them to observe and notice anything unusual;
  • Common sense – In stressful situations, a personal bodyguard should stay calm and collected to be able to react accordingly;
  • Being able to work alone and in a team – A good bodyguard should be confident and skillful enough to work alone and perform well when teamed up. Sometimes you may need to hire several bodyguards to surround you (for example, during crowded events), and they should all communicate and cooperate to keep you safe;
  • Good physical health and defense skills – This one is pretty clear because a person who takes sick days too often is not reliable. They should be able to handle long shifts and dangerous situations, both mentally and physically. 

Are they reliable?

You can’t know everything about your future bodyguard before you’ve spent some time with them. However, aim to learn as much as you can by looking at their recommendations. Keep in mind that they might be around you every single day, possibly even move in with you. Many bodyguards became friends with VIPs they protected. And since they might become all privy to you, you should opt for someone who deals well with confidentiality and integrity. It would help if you indeed had a reliable bodyguard by your side and not the one who takes sick dates often or sudden days off. The communication between you should be at the top level, and just like they need to know your schedules, you should also know theirs. Lastly, they should be able to remain discreet while also being omnipresent around you. 

As we mentioned earlier, there are many things to take into consideration before hiring a bodyguard. Take your time before making that final decision. Our company provides highest standard of personal bodyguard services. We offer armed and unarmed professionals who are trained and committed to protect you. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.